When the weather gets hotter, finding ways to relax and unwind from the long days out in the heat is important to protect our mental and physical well-being. 

There are many options, but one that provides you with instant calm, can ease built-up tension and emotions is a massage. This can be a paid-for experience at a spa, retreat, having a hot stone, aromatherapy or an aqua massage in a dedicated clinic. You can also conduct simple but effective massages in the comfort of your own home with friends, family or a partner. The combination of long firm strokes, calming fragrances and a zen environment will offer your mind and body multiple benefits to rebalance and combat the summer intensity. 

Here are a few ways both massages at home or within a professional environment can refresh and rejuvenate you this summer.

Hydration & Nourishment

Our skin needs consistent hydration and protection in every season of the year; however, the methods we use for this need to be heightened in the summer months as the combination of humidity, heat and exposure to sun rays will take a toll on our skin. As well as our morning and evening skincare routines where we apply moisturisers, oils, SPF and toner, we can also benefit from certain massage techniques and treatments. During a massage, your therapist will use a range of products that contain high amounts of antioxidants, such as coconut oil and jojoba. Products containing these will replenish the skin's barriers, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow and rejuvenated skin. The products used help hydrate and nourish our bodies, and the massage techniques will also improve blood circulation for enhanced oxygen and nutrients reaching our cells. This will restore the skin's natural glowy appearance too.

Stress Relief

Summer is when we feel most alive, waking up feeling motivated and wanting to spend time outdoors with friends and family catching the much-needed rays. However, with that can also come anxiety and higher stress levels. This could be the constant pressure of social environments, greater workload and preparation for big family days out. Everyone has those days, and the extra hot weather doesn't help. A summer massage allows for the perfect environment to decompress and let go of that built-up energy that may be at the forefront of your mind each day. Entering a calming room with soft music, relaxing oils, and a firm massage fixing those tighter muscles will help you to unwind. Escape the hustle and bustle of the summer for an hour and let your body release its natural feel-good hormones.

Cooling Techniques

On the hottest days of the year, we search for all the possible ways to cool ourselves down. Various cooling techniques can be incorporated into different massages to alleviate the overwhelming heat. If you are attending a treatment from a trained individual, they will often use specific cooling elements throughout, not only for their cooling factors but to help reduce any inflammation you have and initiate circulation and relief. These elements will include chilled stones, essential oils and cooling gels, creating different sensations on the skin. Some of the best essential oils to initiate these feelings are mint and eucalyptus.

Reduces Tension & Achiness

When the sun is finally shining, everyone's interests and hobbies involve getting outside as much as possible. This means our activity levels increase as most of the activities done outside include swimming, playing sports, running and hiking. Whilst these are all incredibly healthy for us, if our bodies are not used to this improved amount of movement, we become sore, stiff and achy. A massage goes hand in hand with this. Not only is a massage great for restoring our mental well-being, but it also stimulates our bodies and improves our physical health too. 

A highly experienced and professionally trained masseuse will have the skillset and techniques required to relieve muscle tension, reduce pain and help the natural recovery the body needs. They will be able to target the areas that feel uncomfortable and are bringing you discomfort. 

To conclude, summer is about getting outside and having fun in the hot weather. This is important not only for our mental health but for making memories too. Looking after our minds and bodies will ensure we can make the most of the sun. Taking care of ourselves during these periods should be a priority. This can be done in many ways; however, a massage can be just what everyone needs to find true relaxation and restoration. From alleviating stresses, helping out bodies' skin barriers to rejuvenate themselves or ensuring our mental health doesn't suffer, a summer massage will benefit you in more than just one way. The cooling techniques will also help keep you comfortable in rising temperatures. Embrace the summer season and embrace the opportunity to experience pure bliss with a massage.