An aqua tantric massage is a steamy experience that aims to get rid of the stress and tension from the body with the additional pleasure of the smells of soap, bubbles, and the relaxing sound of flowing water.

The experience combines the delicate, warm, comfy waters with luxurious oils specially made for a massage with the erotically charged touch of a trained tantric masseuse. An aqua massage is an intensely intimate and erotic experience that restores sexual energy and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

The masseuses take control of everything, from the soap to the oils, allowing the customer to focus on what really matters, the pleasure and connection with their inner selves. Then, the place to receive the massage is the customer’s choice, and in this post, we will be sharing our favourite places:

Getting a tantric massage in the shower allows both the masseuse and the client good mobility, enabling the masseuse to combine this massage with other types of treatment, such as the body-to-body massage. The flow of water plays an important role as the gentle trickle of water droplets loosens the skin allowing for deep tissue stimulation. 

A tantric aqua massage in the bath helps the massage therapist understand the customer’s needs through close personal contact. When considering the many places to receive a tantric massage, the bath can be the most discreet, as no disturbances occur in this private environment except the gentle pops of the bubbles produced by the soap and the movements of the tantrica.

If so wished, the masseuse can play soft music and create a relaxing atmosphere with candles, oils and other requests.

Hot Tub
The Hot Tub tantric massage combines the benefits of the aqua massage with the high-pressure jets which help massage the muscles and soft tissues in the body. This kind of massage is a good mix between the shower and the bath, as hot tubs are usually bigger than baths, and they allow a better range of movements. 

Benefits of Tantric aqua massage

Tantric aqua massages are beneficial to both the body and the senses. However, the extra therapeutic advantages of water separate Tantric aqua massages from other tantric massages. Water immersion encourages you to be yourself and absorb vibrancy and energy because water is considered an energy transporter and believed to create calmness. 

There are many benefits of a Tantric aqua massage, including:

  • All sorts of bone or joint pain are relieved, and joint flexibility is improved.
  • Muscles are lubricated, and muscular tension is relieved.
  • Reduces pain and muscular tension
  • The underwater massage helps soothe your nervous system and allows you to rest
  • Tantric aqua massage can cure your headache and help to relieve all accumulated stress

Tantric aqua massage is effective because it uses both subtle and strong techniques to focus on sensuality at a deep level.

The titillating technique is combined with a relaxing and stimulating bathing routine and decadently scented essential oils to stimulate your sense of smell. Furthermore, the seductive atmosphere is created by the gentle flames of the candles, while a lady masseuse utilises erotic massage therapy to get control of your skin and senses. The masseuse will give gentle and erotic massages after adding fragrant bath oils to your body and leaving a brilliant sheen on your naked skin.

How to enjoy a professional aqua massage

Your massage will be tailored to your specific needs, and your masseuse will consider all of your requests. The time allotted for you to talk with your masseuse throughout the aqua massage session will allow you to go over the details and come to an agreement. It makes sure you have a good time throughout your aqua tantric massage. 

Our masseuse will use her tantric techniques to tease and excite your body with flawless massage strokes and nude bodies. A shower or a bath are both great options. You can also adjust the duration of your massage sessions and the fragrances and rhythm of your aqua massage to ensure that you fulfil your desires.

A good Aqua Massage is fun and relaxing and can be a significant part of your self-care regime. You can feel it doing you good and improving your wellbeing. It may be a good idea to do something else afterwards to relax, whether this is a swim or a body treatment, or book another massage in advance. 

Aqua massage is fascinating because of the wonderful therapeutic results people enjoy. London Tantric offers a sensational form of therapy, whether in-call or out-call service. Get in touch with our team and book an aqua massage today.