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Are you looking to unwind, relax and embrace your sensual energies? Do you want to experience a deep and intimate connection with a beautiful London Tantric masseuse? Are you tempted by our broad range of sensual and erotic massages but unsure of where to begin? Whether you’re a newcomer to the intoxicating world of tantric massage or a tantric addict looking to explore our services further, we have something for every desire and kink. 

The world of erotic massage is seductive, sensual and diverse. But with so much on offer, knowing which is the best massage for you can be tricky. In this post, we break down our most popular massage therapies, so you can choose the ideal erotic adventure to match your desires.

For Relaxing and Rejuvenating Your Senses:  Aqua Massage

Combining luxurious warm water, opulently scented massage oils, decadently flickering candlelight, and the naked curves of a stunning masseuse, it’s no surprise aqua massage is one of our most popular therapies at London Tantric. Aqua massage is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before — a deeply erotic and intensely intimate experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revived. 

An aqua massage offers head-to-toe pampering with a naughty, sexy twist by harnessing water’s natural healing and soothing powers. Performed naked in either a shower or bath, this massage blends cleansing bathing rituals with the deep sensuality of tantric massage. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to relax and unwind in the arms of a beautiful wet, naked masseuse. 

For a Sensual and Erotic Boost: Nuru Massage 

There’s nothing quite like an erotic Nuru massage to get you fired up, slicked down, and feeling wet and wild. Nuru massage is a unique form of sensual massage from Japan, which uses a specially designed gel to lubricate the masseuse's fluid strokes and nimble fingers. 

Nuru gel is a colourless, odourless lubricant made from an ancient Japenese recipe which combines Nori seaweed, radiance-enhancing aloe vera, grapefruit extract and other sensual botanicals. When used in a Nuru massage, this gel delivers a smooth and intoxicatingly slick experience. The word Nuru in Japenese translates as “slippery” and it’s the slick, masterful use of Nuru gel that keeps our clients coming back time and time again. 

Just imagine, your naked body beneath the nude curves of a gorgeous masseuse as she teases and tantalises your entire body in an elegant and exotic display of flexibility and sensuality. Sounds good, right? If you’re looking for something a little different or are eager to explore the very boundaries of sensual pleasure, you can’t go wrong with a Nuru massage. 

For Soothing and Stimulating Aching Muscles: Swedish Massage 

Life can be stressful. From the daily commute and long hours working to exercising and letting loose at the weekends — the stresses and strains of everyday life manifest in the body. Whether you experience sore joints, aching muscles, or a seemingly never-ending list of aches and pains, you have to try a soothing Swedish massage

A Swedish massage relieves deep tissue muscular tension and eases both the body and mind using traditional, firm massage strokes and techniques. If you’ve ever gone to a spa or booked yourself a massage, you’ve probably already experienced the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of a Swedish massage. But here at London Tantric, we do things a little differently. By blending the reinvigorating and energising potential of Swedish massage with the alluringly sexy charm of erotic body-to-body massage, our Swedish massage is given a sensual twist sure to leave you desperate for more. 

For Indulging Your Deepest Desires: Dark Tantric Massage 

Do you crave intoxicating sexual experimentation? Do you want to indulge your deepest, darkest fantasies in a nurturing and safe environment? Are you looking for something a little kinky, dangerous and overwhelmingly erotic? Then a dark tantric massage may be the answer to all your desires. 

Fusing the ancient spiritual art of tantric massage with the kinky fetishism of BDSM, dark tantric massage encourages complete sexual abandonment and fulfilment. As with tantric massage, dark tantra releases your sexual energy, re-awakens your sensual self and leads to more intense sexual experiences long after you’ve left the massage table. But with this massage, you can also explore the delectably dark parts of your sexual desires. Whether you want to incorporate domination, bondage, wax play or sensory deprivation — your imagination is the only limit to what is possible in a dark tantric massage. 

If you are interested in adding, or combining, any of the above therapies, or in trying any of the other massages listed in our Massages menu, contact our friendly London Tantric reception team today.