Tantra comprises embracing spirituality, sexuality and personal development by opening yourself to greater human connection. It allows us to create a sense of peace and calm in our lives. It is a path many people follow to seek self-discovery, growth and strengthen their connections with their environments and well-being. 

It is a practice where ancient spiritual beliefs combine with the modern world's aspirations. Originating from the deep-rooted traditions of India, the Tantra practice represents knowledge of consciousness, existence and our mind, body and spirit. You may be intrigued to experience the multiple forms of this, including a tantric massage, yoga, meditation and more. 

Many resources are available to help you better understand Tantra on your journey; let's look at the best books available to understand more about this incredible path in life.

Kundalini Tantra: 1 - Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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In this book, Swami explores the fundamental aspects of Tanta, emphasising the awakening of Kundalini energy. 

They intelligently guide you through the sophisticated details of the Kundalini awakening, energy channels, practical techniques and chakra systems, and practices to harness and utilise this. 

This book gives us a thorough understanding and awareness of each aspect of Kundalini and covers in-depth educational factors and explanations. It is a fantastic and resourceful guide for anyone considering starting a new path with Tantra.

Tantra: The Supreme Understanding - Osho

When reading Osho's book Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, we get to delve deep into their profound understanding of Tantra's philosophy and practical aspects. 

This book invites readers to understand, explore and experience the full capacity of these techniques and how to use them to better their life in the future, with mind-blowing insights and technique recommendations. 

Osho shares the holistic approach to life, love and spirituality. They outstandingly articulate the true soul and spirit, emphasising the life-changing capabilities and powers that meditation, mindfulness and awareness can have, as well as the wider context of Tantra's teachings.

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Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition - Christopher D Wallis

If you have a basic understanding of Tantra's power but wish to gain greater knowledge of its history and philosophy, Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D Wallis will open your eyes. 

This educational writing takes you through origination and development, beginning with its ancient roots and concluding with the modern-day takings and interpretations. 

It gives a comprehensive insight into the traditional methods, rituals, symbolisms and complexities with transparency on the philosophy and deepest lessons for Tantra seekers.

Introduction to Tantra. The Transformation of Desire - Thubten Yeshe

This read offers a distinctive combination of knowledge and teaching of both Tantra and Buddhism. Yeshe shares accessible information introducing her readers to the transformation these practices can have on everyone's daily life for growth, spirituality and awakening. Unmasking the misconceptions of this path in life, as readers, we get to understand and delve into the passionate journey to mindfulness and spirituality that Tantra holds. Introduction To Tantra by Thubten Yeshe is an essential and invaluable resource for anyone interested in discovering the philosophies and practices of Buddhism and Tantra.

Tantra: The Path Of Ecstasy - George Feuerstein

This comprehensive guide explores Tantra's potential beyond sexuality with a focus on its philosophy and history. George Feuerstein offers a new perspective on the principles and practices seen when delving into this world. 

The Complete Idiots Guide To Tantric Sex - Dr Judy Kuriansky

Written for beginners, Dr Kuriansky created a guide providing accessible education for those wishing to understand and apply Tantra to their sexual relationships. This book covers all you will need to know to begin your journey, from fundamental concepts and exercises to enhance sexual sensations and intimacy, as well as techniques that can be used.

The Heart Of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide To Love And Sexual Fulfilment - Diana Richardson

Explore and educate yourself on how Tantra and sexuality go hand in hand. With an emphasis on being present and conscious in sexual relationships and building intimacy, this guide by Diana Richardson will aid you in building a fulfilling sexual relationship with a deeper connection.

To conclude, if you are beginning to explore the possibilities of enlightening your life through spirituality, meditation, yoga, massages and more for a sense of connection to the present moment, your partner and yourself, Tantra is a path that may interest you. There are many aspects to understanding the capabilities that this journey will have. However, the books we have discussed above will help you to expand your knowledge and develop your interest and understanding from the very start, guiding you through your experience.