Tantra originates back to the 5th Century AD in Asia within both Hinduism and Buddhism practises. Elements of authentic tantric massage have been taken and westernised into the tantric massage you all know today, this is referred to as NeoTantra. 
The spiritual study of tantra is thought to be part of the path to enlightenment. It clears any emotional and physical blockages within the body and allows the bodily fluids and energy to run freely. The key to good health and balanced energy is to awaken the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a powerful energy that lies within the body, recoiled at the base of the spine. Once awakened the Kundalini pushes upwards through the Chakras to your crown, this is a very rare experience as it translates to all your psyche problems being completely resolved. The Kundalini awakening is what is referred to in modern tantra as the full body orgasm; The feeling is electric, energetic and immensely pleasurable.
Each practitioner has their own technique and understanding of tantra, this makes each massage completely unique. 
No two people have the same physical bodily ailments, everyones energy imbalance is different too. This requires a bespoke approach to the practise.  
Unlike holistic massage therapies, the connection you make with the masseuse is paramount to how your session goes. 
Specialist tantrikas that genuinely enjoy providing massage know exactly how to gain that bond;
  • Breathing techniques This is the start of the meditation. Deep long breaths in sync with your masseuse to clear the mind and connect the two of you. Controlled breathing keeps you in control of your body. Deep breathing is required throughout the session to keep the oxygen flowing and the body relaxed. 
  • Chakra awakening Within the spiritual body there are 9 energy centres, called Chakras. Running in a vertical line from the base of your spine up to the crown of your head. These energy wheels push the energy constantly around our body.
It is essential these energy centres stay open and alined for spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. 
Experiencing a tantric massage with authentic elements is very different from your ordinary erotic massage.We have the best authentic tantric team in London. With 6 extremely skilled ladies, between them have a multitude of unique talents that will not only relax & rejuvenate but make you feel on top of the world.
  • Mia - An energetic Swedish blonde, natural and slim physique. Mia has focused on energy and boundary work. She has recently qualified as a sexological bodyworker.
  • Maya - Maya originates from Sweden. Having spent many years belly dancing she incorporates erotic dance into her sessions. A trained physiotherapist with 6 years tantric experience.
  • Renee - A mesmerising svelte Swiss blonde, specialising in Kundalini Raising Massage with Sacred Tree Meditation. 
  • Alessia - Youthful looks and Italian heritage. Alessia has simply stunning features and light magical touch.
  • Laura - Toned Norwegian Brunette, Laura is Playful and slim with a hypnotic technique.
  • Amirah - British/Arabic mixed, Amirah is very knowledgable with great tantric understanding. She has a sensual nature and 8 years tantric experience. 
Revitalise the body and mind, awaken the senses with a tantric pleasure feast with London Tantric!