Tantric massages are known to be complete body and mind experiences. During your first tantric adventures you will learn that every part of yourself (including your mind!) will be stimulated during the massage, however how is this achieved through various sensual cues? How does a masseuse achieve this deep connection with all your senses, to ensure that you are fully immersed in this ecstatic sensual experience?


Here are a few of the basic techniques used in all of our massage therapies.

Sense of touch:

This is the easiest one to explain. The entire massage is based on your ability to feel contact with another person. What is necessary to explain here is that your contact won’t be limited to the masseuse’s hands or a certain part of your body. This is a full body massage so don’t be surprised to feel things all over your body and not in one particular zone.

Sense of smell:

From the use of quality oils (or botanical nuru gel) to the delicate and relaxing scents of her candles, your sense of smell will be stimulated pretty profoundly. This is particularly important when it comes time to creating an atmosphere for your massage. Whether it is the calming smell of almonds or the exotic smell of cinnamon your mind will help paint a picture from the essential oils used during your sensual experience., scents which your masseuse chooses to compliment the style of massage you have chosen.

Sense of hearing:

All masseuses use relaxing music to set the scene, whilst some also use their voices to gently guide you through the session, knowing when to remind you to slow your breathing and intuitively knowing just what to teasingly whisper in your ear.

Sense of sight:

Of course this one has all to do with your masseuse’s ability to please you visually. The way she looks, how she moves, how she looks at you… all work together to make you feel like you’re watching the most beautiful scene in the world, which of course heightens your arousal and enjoyment.


In addition to all of these little tricks to aid your deeper relaxation and sensual enjoyment, each of our masseuses of course have their own unique techniques to tease, pamper and please you.

Rose xxx