The Wet and Wild World of Aqua Massage


aqua massage benefits


Aqua massage is one of our most popular therapies at London Tantric — and with good reason. Combining luxurious warm water, delicately flickering candlelight and the opulent scents of luscious massage oils with the erotically charged touch of a trained tantric masseuse, it’s a deeply erotic and intensely intimate experience that fires up your sexual energy and leaves you feeling restored and relaxed.


In this post, we take a look at the incredible world of aqua massage and break down why so many people are taking a dive into this wet and wild erotic experience.


What Is Aqua Massage Therapy?


An aqua massage is a head-to-toe pamper session with a delectably naughty and erotic twist. Performed naked in either the bath or shower, an aqua massage seamlessly blends a restorative cleansing bathing ritual with the deep eroticism of a tantric massage.


Aqua massage takes advantage of water’s associations with sensual release and renewal. By harnessing the erotic and calming powers of warm water, bath oils and the slippery, glistening naked body of a gorgeous and skilled masseuse, an aqua massage delivers you into an unparalleled state of erotic bliss.


What to Expect during Your Aqua Massage


Your aqua massage will begin with your masseuse sensually disrobing you before removing her own clothes. Together, you will submerge yourselves in warm water. Gently lit by flickering candlelight and aroused by the smell of decadent bath oils, your masseuse will caress every inch of your body using her masterful fingers and incredible, glistening curves until you reach a state of complete blissful abandon. Stimulating your body with her own, she will twist and contort herself around you in the rippling water to induce a state of erotic release. Once you’ve been lathered up and soothed in the water, your masseuse will lead you to the boudoir for a full hour of body-to-body massage using evocative massage oils.


At London Tantric, we’re committed to giving all of our clients the highest levels of luxury and the most indulgent erotic experiences. All of our aqua massages take place in modern fitted bathrooms complete with freshly laundered towels, candles and luxurious bathing products to ensure an opulent, comfortable and sensual experience. If you’d prefer an outcall, your aqua masseuse will come to you to perform your massage in the comfort of your own home.


As with all London Tantric sensual massages, your experience will be tailored to your particular desires and needs. Your aqua massage will allow for time to build a connection between you and your masseuse to discuss what you mutually enjoy and what you desire before she teases and tantalises your body with her skilled massage strokes and naked body. Choose between a bath or shower, along with selecting the scents, pace and rhythm of your massage — and allow your every desire to be indulged.


Aqua Massage Benefits


An aqua massage offers all of the sensual and bodily benefits of a tantric massage, but what makes an aqua massage particularly unique are the powerful therapeutic properties of water. Revered as a transporter of energy and calm, immersion in water helps you return to your true self and imbues you with energy and vibrancy.


Considered a form of hydrotherapy (water-based treatment for physical and emotional blockages and illnesses), aqua massage provides many benefits, including:


  • Eased bone and joint pain

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Improved joint flexibility and range of motion

  • Calming muscular tension

  • Revived and rejuvenated sexual energies and performance.


If you’ve had a long day in the office or are recovering from a long flight, an aqua massage is a perfect way to bring your mind into a relaxed state of tranquillity and equilibrium. The incredible combination of warm water and the masterful touch of your masseuse will calm your nervous system and deliver you into a state of deep relaxation.


You will leave an aqua massage feeling both cleansed of all negative feelings and imbued with a powerful sexual energy that you can channel into your private life.

Open yourself up to the wet and wild world aspect of massage by booking an aqua massage today.