As our massage list states we have various different styles of techniques to further ease your body and release all of the pent up stress from your system, one in particular can be seen as quite an oddity, not because it is seen as an obscure thing to do but because it's not seen as something that a person would order regularly, a more unique massage. this is Aqua Massage. for those that don't know what is is, Aqua Massage is a very therapeutic style in which a client is submerged in water and bathed whilst a massage is being administered to the areas which they may desire.

Aqua massage has proven to be one of the best massages as it always receives brilliants reviews and feed back results, we believe this is because on top of all of the beneficial factors that a person receives when getting a massage, they may also receive all the beneficial factors of the relaxation in cleansing your body through bathing. bathing in warm relaxing water opens and cleanses the pours in your skin from the inside out, lifting harmful toxins from your body. bathing has also been known to lower blood pressure and ease you from the busy life style you may run, also it obviously makes you smell amazing. bathing relaxes and eases your muscles too, you'll come out feeling supple and excellent.

The steam and warmth has also been known to soften and smooth up your skin to generate a more youthful look, so why not take a dip and a rub down at the same time? on top of this you could consider the experience to be rather romantic and fun, as well of this for the value of just simply running a bath, maybe the addition of some bath oils, you can cheaply increase the pleasure level extremely! So try this experience whilst you can! our girls are waiting to administer this incredibly sensual experience with our London tantric massages, enquire now.