When discussing Tantra or even reading up on it you might hear the term ‘Enlightenment’ thrown around quite often and it might get a little confusing. What is enlightened sex? Why is Tantra the way of achieving it? Well first of all it’s important to point out that not everyone that comes in for a tantric massage is looking for enlightenment. If you’re not interested in any of that and just want to have a sensual massage experience, then you can definitely do that. However, some people really do turn to Tantra for better wellbeing, and for enlightened eroticism if you will.

When we reach this open mindedness then we can begin to let in the light that shines when we learn for ourselves what exploring our sensual desires means for us physically, mentally and spiritually. By removing expectations we might finally be able to experience pure bliss. This can be done on your own or with a partner but often times removing your preconceptions about sex is a very difficult thing to do so that’s where a tantric masseuse comes in to guide you. Tantric massages can be very surprising to the first timer, because they can unlock our spiritual and emotional engagement as well as our sexual  desires. It is all about using your body as an extension of your mind and soul and progressing slowly. If you want to start to tear the walls down of what you think sex should be then let your masseuse guide you, let her curves be the road that you transit and take her hand so that she may lead you to bliss and delight. The journey can be long but thankfully every step of it is all about pleasure.

Again if you aren’t looking for this kind of an experience you needn’t worry. You can enjoy a single massage or many more without delving deeper. We welcome you to join us for sensual adventures, whether that be for one or for many.