As we've said before, massages can prepare people for even the most strenuous of things, you can come out of a massage feeling like you could battle Maidana and complete every round like a champion. Which is exactly what Mayweather did. Maidana did literally everything right, well everything he could do right anyway and that still couldn't knock floyd down. Throughout every part of the fight, there wasn't one moment where you thought that Mayweather was out of control, and that's what makes him a champion. People said that Mayweatyher showed his age during the fight, I believe that he was humouring Maidana. If he displayed one of his technical, immaculate performances, would there really be talk of a rematch?

Non the less, we're not that bothered about the boxing and more about the preparation methods. Even though Floyd may have been in full knowledge that he was going to beat Maidana, he still knew that in order to get the best out of himself, he needed to relax his mind, body and soul. What better way to do that than with a gorgeous masseuse rubbing up and down your body. Are you someone that regularly competes in sports, or just enjoys getting warmed up and having a run about every now and again? If you do then why not follow in Mayweathers footsteps and book one of our girls to help you get the best out of yourself?

I know what you're thinking, Floyd Mayweather is a boxer. He literally puts his body on the line during work, against Maidana alone he received 221 landed punches..... and that doesn't include the other 637 that he dodged! Other people receive massages too though. Who went with Floyd to the beauty spa to also get a massage? The Canadian superstar Justin Beiber. Love or hate Justin, we can both agree that he gets regularly bombarded by press and can never get some time off camera. The sort of mental stress that he has to deal with is unheard of. Beiber unwinds using massages too, but if high paid celebrities will throw money at masseuses for a physical and mental relaxant, where do you go for one? London Tantric is your answer. We can provide you with a well thought out session, run by one of our incredibly sexy girls. Book today.