Perineal massage is not a new concept. Most people may know of it as something prescribed to women in late pregnancy. Aside from this, though, perineal massage can also be used as a way to enhance your sexual experiences. 

Located between the scrotum and rectum on a man and between the vulva and rectum on a woman, the perineum is a highly sensitive area that can be stimulated during sex.

If you haven’t heard of the perineum, you’re not alone. The limited sexual education that most of us experience growing up often overlooks this part of the body, focusing otherwise on the main mechanics of intercourse. We know, however, that it transcends far beyond this. 

Massages, textures, scents, language - so many other elements beyond the act of penetration can enhance your sexual experience, perineal massage being one of them.

What is perineal massage?

As simple as it sounds, perineal massage is the act of touching, caressing and massaging the perineum. When stimulated, the perineum can offer significant pleasure, sometimes towards both male and female orgasm. 

A perineal massage is something you can perform on yourself or on your partner, either with or without massage oils or lubricants. As always, if you choose to enhance your sexual experience with oils or lubricants, you should always research the product. In this case, we recommend using specific perineal massage oil. 

How to stimulate the perineum

Like many other pleasure points, the perineum is sensitive to touch. If you’ve ever tried it before, you’ll know that a perineal massage can be incredibly gentle yet incredibly effective. If you have never tried a perineal massage before, we have a few tips and tricks on how best to do so. 

Start slow. 

When it comes to perineal stimulation, it’s best to build it up gently. For many people, this might be uncharted territory, so it may feel a little vulnerable. As a receiver, you may take a moment or two to really embody the sensations and let them take over, so going slowly will help you get to know the feeling moment by moment. As the masseuse, going slowly will also help you get a feel for what is working with your partner (or with yourself) and what isn’t. As the receiver starts to respond, perhaps you can speed things up or try new things. 

Try different things. 

Whilst massaging the perineum, try a few different things to really get the sensations going. Perhaps try long strokes around the area, or maybe you focus on small areas with pressure. You might even want to incorporate toys or stimulate the area orally. There are tons of options available.  

Lubricate the area. 

As we mentioned, lubricants and oils can be a great supplement to sexual activity, including perineal massage. It can help the area relax, stimulate your other senses via scent and touch, and generally make the experience a lot more pleasurable. 

Listen to your body.

Last but certainly not least, listen to your body. This goes for all elements of your sexual experience - not just perineal massage. Find what feels good and lean into it, and steer yourself away from what doesn’t feel so good. Be patient with yourself; you may not master perineal massage on the first try, but remember, you don’t have to be an expert straight away. Like any experiential or sensual massage, think of it a little like a path to a bit more self-knowledge. Go slowly, be patient and most of all, enjoy the journey.