Growing up, it's important to have role models and people around you that can teach you and answer your question surrounding sex education. It's also important, as adults, to continue educating ourselves on this topic. It hasn't always been easy to find accurate information about sexuality online until influencers started breaking down the barriers that 'sex is taboo'.

Influencers are people who have a large following on social media platforms, which could be Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and so on. They use their platforms to promote brands, discuss topics they are interested in and share aspects of day-to-day life. They are also incredibly influential, hence the name. 

Many of these influencers use their pages to discuss sex, sexuality and self-love in an informative but entertaining way. From emotional topics, including connecting to your spirituality and understanding your sexuality, to enlightening subjects on bringing back the relationship spark. Here are 7 of our favourite influencers that we think can improve your sex education:

Ev'Yan Whitney (@evyan.whitney)

Your new go-to sexuality doula for tips, advice and contagious positive energy. Their most recent posts on Instagram include tips on how to feel more connected with your body, how to let people love you and how to hold space for yourself. Ev'Yan Whitney is the author and host of the book and podcast sensual self. 

Helen Anderson (@helenanderz)

If you need a confidence pick-me-up, Helen Anderson's fun, sex-positive content will be for you. She combines her lifestyle and fashion content with promoting and working with some of the most loved brands within the sex industry, breaking taboos on masturbation, single life and loving your own body.

Emily Morse (@sexwithemily)

Emily Morse is your go-to doctor of human sexuality. She hosts the number one-rated podcast, Sex With Emily and is the author of SMART SEX. Emily shares advice to better your sexual experiences, tips on solving problems in the bedroom and starts conversations in her comments to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. 

Casey Tanner (@queersextherapy)

Casey shares educational content to raise awareness and respect for sexuality. Their platform is a hub for finding yourself and understanding your preferences with posts promoting pansexual & panromantic awareness day, discussing grief after a relationship and breaking the taboo on kinks and fetishes. Casey is also the co-host of the podcast Safeword and CEO of The Expansive Group.

Todd Baratz (@yourdiagnonsense)

Certified sex therapist and relationship expert Todd Baratz will give you the advice you need on communicating your feelings, what to stop doing when you are dating and the mistakes couples keep making. He will be your teacher for all things love, life and sex.

Hannah Witton (@hannahwitton)

Down to earth, honest and full of laughs, Hannah Witton uses her platform to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. She has the perfect balance of educational and entertaining content, sharing struggles with sexual health, the journey to becoming body positive and how to be more sex-positive. Hannah is also the host of the Doing It Podcast.

Shan Boodram (@shanboodram)

Teaching us all how to be more confident and competent, intimacy educator and host of the podcast Lovers And Friends, Shan Boodram's platform combines topics on Sexology and Psychology. You'll find yourself stuck in a loop of engaging videos that discuss sexual stigmas, fertility and breaking down those old sex norms. 

No matter your age, having this type of role model and content available to us is important and can have many benefits. Here are a few of the ways following these influencers can have a positive impact on your sex education.

Breaking Down Stigmas

Unfortunately, people still find themselves getting uncomfortable when topics about sex are bought up in conversation. This is because, for years, it has been a taboo subject within society. The more that these influencers promote sex positivity, the more these barriers are broken down. Sharing their personal experiences, and funny stories, and answering questions creates a safe space to talk about the topic without feeling embarrassed and judged.

Sharing Accurate Knowledge

With their experiences and research, they can share their knowledge and provide accurate understandings of sex, sexuality and sexual health. They discuss topics about contraceptives and STIs and post content that prevents misconceptions and debunks old myths.

Promoting Diversity And Inclusivity

They can use their following to highlight the importance of inclusivity and diversity. Thanks to influencers and social media, over the past few years, we have seen the population as a whole become more open to and respectful of all aspects of sexuality. This includes sexual orientations, gender identities and the dynamics of different relationships. As they openly discuss these topics and raise awareness for being more open-minded, they create a safe space for everyone within their community to be themselves.

Discusses Safe Sex Practices

There are many misconceptions surrounding safe sex practices; however, with influencers continuously spreading knowledge on the use of contraceptives, abortions, regular testing for sexually transmitted infections and other preventative methods to stop unwanted pregnancies, they open up the eyes of many and educate them on what is safe and what isn't.

Shares Resources And Recommendations

People need to use and have access to the best resources and products relating to sexual health. Many resources, including books, courses, websites, organisations and helplines, provide you with help regarding any issues and struggles you may be facing. As well as raising awareness of these resources, many people like to introduce products into their sex lives, and influencers can work with brands to promote the best ones for you to purchase. For instance, here at London Tantric, we can show you a great technique called “Indian Head Massage” that can be delivered either to your partner or you can enjoy it here with us.

Addresses Consent And Boundaries

A crucial aspect and topic that comes up frequently when we discuss sex is consent. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where the lines can be crossed, and people struggle to say no, even when they want to. Influencers are using their platforms for the better, discussing the impact that consent can have not only on your sexual health but your mental health too. Openly having conversations around setting and respecting boundaries, how to give consent, and knowing when to stop will only benefit the way sex is viewed in society.

Influencers have a unique but incredibly important responsibility to reach new audiences and raise awareness on topics that have been overlooked and considered taboo for years. They can now use their large audiences to impact sex education in the future positively, so go and give them all a follow.