Have you ever found yourself lacking range and excitement in the bedroom? Whilst this is extremely normal, especially in a long-term relationship, it’s important to keep the flame going. This can happen for a number of reasons, perhaps you’re lacking in body confidence or you’re simply not sure how to get creative. You deserve to enjoy your bedroom time, sexual satisfaction is a primal part of life and your body should be given time and attention to achieve this. At London Tantric, we believe that sensuality is important for the mind, body and soul. We’ve put together our 5 best tips for getting more creative in bed through body to body massage, light BDSM and more! 

Body To Body Massage

A body to body massage takes the tantric experience to new depths. Whilst this is not strictly just a tip to apply in the bedroom, having a body to body experience at with your partner will unlock your sensual potential and desires. During body to body massages, you’d ideally be completely nude and your partner’s body would glide effortlessly over your body. Body to body massage is best experienced when a  safe and soothing atmosphere is set using candles and soft lighting. This is the ultimate experience to release pent-up energy and be fully satisfied. Not only will it spice up your time in the bedroom, you’ll feel more connected with your partner which will make your sensual experience more fulfilling. It will also help you master your sexual energy and alleviate any sexual frustrations - an entirely unqiue experience that will help you get more creative in bed. 

Sensory Play

Your senses are a gift during erotic bedroom experiences. By teasing and arousing them, you’ll be creating powerful sensual energy. Using ice during foreplay will arouse your partner's body beyond places it’s been before. Take an ice cube in your mouth and gently drag it over their body. This will heighten the sensation your partner’s feeling and arouse them to new levels. Even once the ice cube is gone, your mouth and tongue will remain cool to continue enjoyment from then on. 
To awaken your sense of touch even more, you can also use heat to arouse your partner. By using a warm wet towel to brush over your partner’s body, you’ll be awakening their sensual feelings by slowly teasing them. These can also be used whilst engaging in body to body massage with your own partner. By using sensory play throughout a body to body massage, you’re heightening your and their senses even more, creating an even more sensual experience. 


The power of the mind can take your sensual experiences to new levels and unlock feelings you didn’t even know you had. If you’re feeling stuck in your sex life, then it may be time to feel empowered from a new point of view. The act of roleplay can make your body feel like it’s having an experience that it’s never had before, encouraging you to try new things. Dressing up in sexy accessories can help with getting into character and do wonders with body image issues. If you’ve ever had a particular fantasy, now is the time to try it! Roeplay can also help with confidence in the bedroom as you can pretend your partner is someone you’ll never see again, banishing your inhibitions. 

Get Out Of The House

The easiest way to get more creative in bed is actually to take it out of the bedroom. By having sexual experiences in spaces other than your bed, you’ll feel new excitement and a lease of life in your creativity. You can start slowly by moving to a different room in your home, then gently increase the intensity by going out of your home to a hotel for example. If you feel comfortable with this, you can even push the boundary even more to other spaces and places. Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck in a routine with your partner if you’ve been sexual with them for a length of time. Simply moving into a different space will make you feel like it’s an entirely new experience. You’ll also have to try different positions and ways to please your partner as the space make pose different limitations. This will inject excitement and a new lease of life you’ve not experienced before and is the ultimate way to get creative in your sex life.

There are many fun and sexy ways to increase your creativity in bed. At London Tantric, we believe in the power of sensuality and finding new ways to unlock your sexual potential. From body to body massage to complete tantric experiences, we can help you discover your sexual self. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you like, but we encourage you to add to this list by trying the next things with your partners.