4 Surprising Health Benefits of Tantric Massage


health benefits of tantric massage


Tantric massage is a deeply erotic and intensely sensual experience, but did you know that a tantric massage is also an alternative form of body therapy that delivers potent and powerful benefits for your health?


Tantric therapies have been used since ancient times to relieve and heal a whole host of ailments and blockages within the body. Conjuring the body’s energies, tantric practices evoke the principles of tantra spirituality to eliminate sexual and other bodily blockages while also stimulating vitality, vigour, youthfulness, stamina and overall wellbeing by working with the body’s natural energy flows and sources.


Drawing on the diverse bodywork techniques of massage therapy, a tantric massage similarly offers miraculous healing benefits that will leave you feeling revived, rejuvenated and healed physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. While a massage is not a substitute for prescribed medicine, it can be used together with Western medicine to tackle even the most serious health issues. And unlike a trip to a doctors surgery, there’s nothing clinical about it. Rather, tantric massage is an intimate, enjoyable and profound way of illuminating your health and awakening your sense of self.


In this post we break down four health benefits of tantric massage — you may be surprised at how many healing and restorative benefits this delectable erotic massage form offers.


1. Eliminates Sexual Blockages and Problems


A tantric massage is a deeply sexual experience that teases and tantalises your body into a state of blissful sexual abandon, but its sexual benefits don’t stop there. The masterful touch of your tantric masseuse can help to alleviate many common sexual problems and blockages. Here are some of the top benefits tantric massage can have to your sexual health and performance.


Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Blockages


Blockages can emerge in the body and often result in various forms of sexual dysfunction. Thousands of men struggle with erectile dysfunction, and many men and women also suffer from low libido, sexual incompetence and other sexual issues. These problems can have serious implications on our sense of self and our ability to connect to our partners, and to make matters worse, talking about them can be really uncomfortable.


Tantric masseuses are experts in all things sensual and are capable of identifying the energy blockages in your body causing sexual dysfunction. Not only that, but they also work with your energy flows to awaken your sexual energy and eliminate the root causes that are affecting your love life.


Enhance Orgasmic Potential


Is there any feeling more powerful, enjoyable and incredible than an earth-shattering orgasm? Unfortunately, those few seconds of pure pleasure are often all too transitory. With tantric massage, you can learn to experience an extended state of orgasmic bliss. By dispersing your sexual energy throughout your body, your masseuse will help you to achieve whole-body, multiorgasmic states that can be tapped into long after your massage has ended.


Rediscover Your Desires and Sexual Fantasies


What do you desire — and not just fleetingly but entirely? Do you even know? Too many of us have lost touch with our sensuality and find it difficult to understand what we like, how we like it and why. Tantric massage helps to clear your mental and emotional state and stimulates your bodily and mental awareness so that you can rediscover your deepest sexual desires and explore your sexual fantasies in a nurturing safe space.


2. Delivers Pain Relief


Pain manifests in innumerable ways; a crick in your neck, a dodgy knee or perhaps something a little more serious. Whatever your particular form of pain, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Tantric massage, like more traditional forms of massage, stimulates and eases your musculoskeletal frame to redress imbalances in the body and ease pain and tension.


3. Boosts Your Immune System


Do you suffer from constant coughs and colds? Do you often feel under the weather and out of sorts? If your answer is yes, you may be struggling with a depleted immune system. Our immune system is central to our overall health. It’s what staves off infections and viruses and keeps us in tip-top shape. When our immune system is weak, we can end up feeling like we’re cycling through the same gripes and grievances, catching every bug and flu that circulates in the office or is passed from commuter to commuter during the daily train ride to work. Tantric massage stimulates your production of white blood cells and boosts your immunity, improving your defence against illnesses.


4. Busts Stress


Life is stressful. Every day, we juggle work, family life, friendships, relationships and bills, and it takes its toll. In fact, 85% of British people report regularly experiencing overwhelming feelings of worry and anxiety — and all that stress has serious health implications. Your mental and emotional health is as important as your physical health, and with Tantric massage, you can tackle both.


Tantric massage is a deeply nurturing and relaxing practice that instantly restores a sense of calm and tranquillity. By relaxing your muscles, stimulating your sexual energy and delivering a powerful release, a tantric massage will leave you feeling mentally and emotionally restored.


To reap the many health benefits of a tantric massage, book your own today with London Tantric.